Sergey Korobeynikov

New York, USA · +1 212 960-3010 ·

Hey! I work with big data, their presentation and visualization. My main tool is Visual Studio. The scale of the projects varies from simple data converters to state-wide historical data synchronization systems.


Business Capsule


Serializer and deserializer of graph of related objects supporting historical data, multidimensional arrays and custom text encoder. The library is implemented on the .NET 5 platform. Three times more efficient than BSON, it is used to generate two-dimensional matrix barcodes for printing on documents, as well as to map data between different models.

2019 - Present



Big data synchronization tools supporting Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, XML, JSON, CSV, Microsoft Excel, dBase IV, IEnumerable models. The library is implemented on the platform .NET 5.

2017 - Present

Reporting Tools

Novosibirsk regional microfinance fund for small and medium-sized businesses

Program for preparing reports of non-credit financial organizations on cash transactions, in accordance with Directive of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation.

2015 – 2019


Novosibirsk State Technical University

Automation of technological processes and production (power engineering)
September 2004 – June 2009


Programming Platforms
Programming Languages & Tools
  • .NET (.NET Framework / .NET Core)
  • eXpressApp Framework (DevExpress)
  • Microsoft SQL Server, SQL CLR
  • PostgreSQL
  • Visual Studio 2022, LINQPad, Visual Studio Code, Notepad++


I love short trips — 3–4 days per region, no more. They allow you to see and do a lot, and leave something for later visits.

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  • Belgrade, Serbia
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  • Skopje, North Macedonia
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